Filming in Indonesia is certainly something worth considering given the country’s rich natural locations and cultural diversity. Indonesia thus offers many options for film and TV producers. The country boasts natural scenic views as well as modern and historic buildings, temples, resorts and villas.

International production companies will find filming in Indonesia to be quite affordable given local costs.

Indonesia Film Permits

Foreign production companies filming in Indonesia need to apply for a National Film Permit before production can commence. In addition, most projects require specific permits for each filming location. With the help of our local film fixer in Indonesia, you can get your permits processed and approved in no time.

To process film permits, you need to submit an application form. This includes a complete list of the visiting crew along with photocopies of their passports. In addition, the form needs to include all filming locations in Indonesia, plus any equipment from abroad. All of this along with your project synopsis and proposed schedule will be reviewed by our film fixer in Indonesia. We will then prepare an application which you will be submitting to the Indonesian consulate in your country.

Film permits processing can sometimes take up to a month, so be sure to contact us well ahead of time for convenience. It is also possible to speed up the process at extra costs. Once your National Permit has been approved, Fixer Indonesia can proceed with location-specific film permits. In some cases, the government can appoint a minder to go with the visiting crew depending on the type of production. Get in touch with us if you need specific information about location permits in Indonesia.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Indinesia ranks quite low in The World Press Freedom Index (124th, next to countries like Colombia or Pakistan).

However, foreign journalists and media companies looking to cover news pieces and reports within Indonesia will find it relatively easy to work here in most cases. More sensitive topics will require a cautious approach and thorough local knowledge.

With some help from our local Indonesian fixers, you should be able to find contributors and stakeholders for your work. In addition, we offer logistics support for videojournalists filming in Indonesia.

Tax Incentive

The Indonesian government does not offer any tax incentives for making features films or shooting commercials in the country. However, you will still find filming in Indonesia quite affordable thanks to a favourable exchange rate and cheap local resources for filming.