International journalists in Indonesia might have a little bit of a hard time working in the country without the knowledge of the local landscape and an understanding of the local politics. However, working with our Indonesian fixers you not only get a better overview of your assignment before you begin, but also get much needed to support to make your work easy.

Fixer Indonesia assists foreign media crews and journalists with:

  •    Initial research
  •    Fact checking
  •    Local access
  •    General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)

Contact us and let us discuss your international assignment in Indonesia. We will make it worth your while.

Initial Research

As a foreign journalist covering a story on international soil, initial research about the news topic, individuals and key characters in your report will go a long way in shaping your story. Our Fixer Indonesia team can help you get a good head start with free initial research.


Fact Checking

Despite their importance for foreign journalists working remotely on a news piece, online platforms cannot always be relied upon. Which is why you need the help of our local Indonesian fixers to help you get to your facts right. Collaborating with our sources spread all over the country, we can easily check facts with reliable local media which will help your reporting.


Local Access to Contributors

Reliable contributors who are willing to speak to the press are important parts of every reporting. For foreign journalists relating to locals to get facts out of them might be difficult given the language barrier and other factors. With local fixers, you can get access to relevant places, book important interviews and speak to contributors even in remote communities for a complete news piece


Production Support

We are always on the ground to assist directly with production and provide all the needed technical and non-technical support.



Fixer Indonesia will handle all your logistics needs through the help of our local partners and suppliers. We will get your production supplies and gear at an affordable fee and work with you to keep your work within schedule.