Fixer Indonesia: local support for foreign production crews and international journalists

Fixer Indonesia is a network of highly experienced media professionals offering local production support. We provide assistance to international film/TV/commercial crews and foreign journalists working in Indonesia.

We offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of production, from location scouting to general production assistance among others. In addition, our production fixers in Indonesia assist with sourcing for local crew and talent and negotiating the best deals with local service providers like equipment rentals among others.

Our film fixers in Indonesia have worked with several international production companies and journalists. Thus we can provide references for our previous work.

Filming in Indonesia is definitely something any international producer should keep an eye on. The local diversity is amazing while the availability of English-speaking crew is very good.

Fixer Indonesia is a member of ProductionCenter.TV, an international network of professionals offering local support for TV/filming crews and journalists worldwide.

Fixer Indonesia, Filming in Indonesia

Our fixer services cover:

General assistance for TV/commercials production in Indonesia and support for international journalists working in the country

Crew sourcing: we assist in hiring the most capable and affordable production crews in Indonesia

Location scouting & management: obtaining national and location-specific permits in Indonesia.

Our Indonesian fixers also can also work in a number of roles within your production team. These include:

   Production assistant

   Production manager

   Location scout/manager

Whether you are working in Jakarta or any of the remote islands or villages in Indonesia, we have a trusted network of local fixers that can assist you all over the county.

Feel free to contact us for support for all stages of film production or as an international journalist covering a report in Indonesia. 

We will gladly provide initial consultation and research free of charge.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

General assistance with research, fact checks, and logistics services for foreign journalists

TV commercials

Through our local partners, we offer logistics, locations and crew sourcing services

General production assistance

We offer full support for foreign journalists and production crews in Indonesia

Film production

Affordable and reliable help for film production in Indonesia

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Get gears and equipment from local suppliers in Indonesia.

Location scouting and permits processing

Our local fixers process filming permits for production in Indonesia

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