Fixer Indonesia is a team of local media experts working in Indonesia to provide quality production assistance to international TV and film crews shooting in the country. We also work with foreign journalists covering the region.

Whether you are coming to Jakarta, Bali or any other filming locations in Indonesia, be sure to get in touch with us for inquiries and support.

We offer:

  • Flexible fees and can negotiate the best deals with our partners
  • An all in one solution for all your needs and assistance in setting up a production team
  • A-la-carte freelance services and also general assistance for production in Indonesia.

We are a member of Storytailors video production companya network of top media professionals working with foreign journalists and film production companies all over the world.  


Our Professional Production Manager in Indonesia

Jing - International Producer in the Philippines


With a remarkable track record of over 20 years in the broadcast media industry, Jing is an Asian TV Production Consultant and Producer who brings extensive expertise to every project. Jing’s skills encompass a wide range of areas, from creative concept development to strategic planning, ensuring the seamless execution of complex video productions.

Her notable achievements include producing the Philippine franchise of the prestigious multi-Emmy Award-Winning reality series – The Amazing Race. Additionally, her role as a distinguished member of the Jury for the Asian Academy Creative Awards since 2019 reflects her significant contributions to recognizing excellence in the industry.

A very small selection of our behind the scenes pictures

Indonesian fixers - behind the scenes

Our International Production Network


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