Fixer Indonesia works as a full-service production company. Our local film fixers handle logistics, access and other production needs. We also work with you in scouting for, negotiating and hiring local crews based on your project needs.

We cover the whole country, including Bali.

One of the advantages of working with us is that our fixers do not operate based on a fixed cost but rather as freelances. We also have a network of reliable contacts in every part of the country which allows us to work as effectively as a full-service production company. Yet our services come at a more affordable cost.

Location Scouting in Indonesia

Indonesia has a number of diverse filming locations, both in wild, rural and urban areas. Our fixers in Indonesia have a thorough knowledge of the process of obtaining national permits and local location-specific ones in places like Bali, for example.

Crew Sourcing

Indonesia offers a limited pool of local crew for production. You can get local directors, still photographers, and directors of photography within the country. However, most of the available crews are not fluent English speakers. Therefore, large scale productions require bringing in the bulk of your crew from outside Indonesia.

Equipment Hire

It is possible to get basic filming equipment like standard lighting, grip, and camera in the capital Jakarta. There are two large equipment houses in the city where you can rent filming equipment: Cinerent and Elang Perkasa.

For more sophisticated gear, you might have to look in neighbouring production centers like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Speak to our local fixers about the equipment you need for production and we will fix you up with a local supplier and negotiate affordable deals for you.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our local Indonesian fixers have years of knowledge from working on reports with foreign journalists and international media agencies. We have access to all areas of the country. This makes it easy to assist with covering reports both in cities and the remote villages and islands of Indonesia. We also have contacts all over the country and we can assist with setting up interviews with local celebrities or government officials with relative ease.

Fixer Indonesia also assists foreign journalists with initial research and we carry out quick fact checks as well.

General Production Support

Through our fixers in Indonesia, setting up a small crew and sourcing for all your logistics needs for your projects is quite easy. Fixer Indonesia acts like a full-service production company to deliver effective and affordable production support in Indonesia.