With more than 17,000 different islands of different sizes and diversity, there is no shortage of filming locations in Indonesia. The country has hosted movies such as Eat Prey, Gold or Oliver Stones’ Savages in its diverse filming locations. Here are some popular filming locations in Indonesia you may want to keep in mind for your next production.


Widely popular for its forested volcanic mountain, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and iconic rice paddies, Bali is a beautiful destination by all standards. There are eleven volcanic mountains in this area and one of them, Mount Batur, is still active. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, there are also impressive modern resorts and villas which you can easily use when filming in Indonesia.

Filming in Bali

West Papua

Irian Jaya, as it is alternatively called, has many tropical rainforests, with swampy lowlands, mountain peaks, and grassy savannahs. There are also a number of isolated village communities where filming can be done too, like the Korowai. There is also an archipelago of small islands numbering more than 1500 called Raja Ampat, which is a tropical paradise.

Filming in Indonesia - West Papua


The island of Java is breath-taking by all accounts with several impressive natural locations consisting of beaches, terraced rice paddies, lush plantations, and palm forests. A land shaped by volcanoes, Java’s capital Jakarta is a bustling cosmopolitan city which works if you need a filming location in Indonesia with an urban touch. Popular locations in Java include the Ujong Kulon National Park, Kebun Raya Cibodas Botanical garden, Borobudur and Prambanan temples and so on.

Filming in Indonesia - Java


A short boat ride or trip by plane from Bali will take you to this pristine tropical island. With a huge volcanic centerpiece called Gunung Rinjani, Lombok has a rich and beautiful jungle in its interior. The area is also home to several sand beaches, surf breaks, tropical islands and turquoise waters famous for underwater filming.

Filming in Indonesia - Lombok

Nusa Tenggara

This group of islands is another location where underwater filming and photography thrives thanks to its multi-coloured volcanic lakes and beautiful beaches. There are also small villages and national parks like the Komodo National Park in this area. Sumba, one of the islands, hosts several megalithic grave sites, peaked houses and exquisite beaches.

Nusa Tenggara is definitely one of the filming locations in Indonesia to keep an eye on.

Filming in Indonesia - Nusa Tengarra


This place is popular all over the world for its beautiful coral reefs which makes locations like the Bunaken Marine Park and the Togian Islands top destinations for diving. Southern Sulawesi is where you will find Tana Toraja. The mountainous region is one of the most scenic areas in Indonesia.

Filming in Indonesia - Sulawesi